TIDE, or 'Atlantic Network for Developing Historical Maritime Tourism' project, will aid organisations and practitioners in the Atlantic region tourism development sector in identification of potential niche tourism packages. TIDE will use Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in archaeology and submarine exploration fields to enrich visitor experiences and introduce an exciting new dimension to tourism and cultural heritage of the Atlantic regions. The framework will be piloted with particular focus on the Napoleonic, Spanish Armada, World Wars and Atlantic Migrations eras.

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TIDE: the journey begins with Good Practices

They will be available as part of the TIDE Niche Tourism Toolkit, a collection of cultural & maritime heritage stories & the digitisation of these historical assets.

New online maritime heritage collections now available!

TIDE stakeholder Tower Museum in Derry (Northern Ireland) makes maritime life stories virtually accessible to captivate different audiences.

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Discover the tourism maritime heritage in Donegal County

Our Irish partners have a vast number of shipwrecks along the coastline. Check the untold stories of what lies beneath the waves of Donegal!

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Cadiz aims to explore European Atlantic shared heritage

TIDE partners from Andalusia (Spain) will develop a project TOOLKIT and will advise on submarine visitor attractions and maritime cultural heritage.