TIDE, or 'Atlantic Network for Developing Historical Maritime Tourism' project, will aid organisations and practitioners in the Atlantic region tourism development sector in identification of potential niche tourism packages. TIDE will use Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in archaeology and submarine exploration fields to enrich visitor experiences and introduce an exciting new dimension to tourism and cultural heritage of the Atlantic regions. The framework will be piloted with particular focus on the Napoleonic, Spanish Armada, World Wars and Atlantic Migrations eras.

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"Making known the rich heritage of our waters is a plus"

Félix Rodríguez TIDE stakeholder from Cadiz (Spain) thinks that the exchange of experience process that the projects offers is "always positive".

Underwater Cultural Heritage by University of Cadiz in Spain

State of Research by Cadiz University: "virtual or indirect access solutions are very useful, but always through the correct interpretation of the heritage".

"The TIDE project has several aspects of interest"

We talk about TIDE with Jorge Serradilla, Director-Conservator of the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park in Cadiz: "It is undoubtedly a very successful model".

256 underwater professionals learn about TIDE in Cadiz!

TIDE partners from Spain organise the First Ibero-American Congress of Nautical and Underwater Archeology with experts from South America, Portugal & Spain.

"Sharing experiences and best practices is always crucial"

Bernardo de Vasconcelos, Director at John Dos Passos Cultural Centre in Madeira, talks about the benefits of sharing experiences with the TIDE project.

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