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"Making known the rich heritage of our waters is a plus"
13 Jan 2022
TIDE stakeholders think that the exchange of experience process that the projects offers is "always positive".
Underwater Cultural Heritage as an Engine for Social, Economic & Cultural Development
3 Dec 2021
State of Research by Cadiz University: "virtual or indirect access solutions are very useful, but always through the...
"The possibility of making our naval history known, is exciting"
29 Nov 2021
"The use of new technologies, such as AR or VR, is a magnificent tool for raising awareness and environmental...
256 people From South America, Portugal and Spain learn about TIDE
10 Nov 2021
TIDE partners from Cadiz (Spain) organise the First Ibero-American Congress of Nautical and Underwater Archeology
"Bridging each region's historical sites via digital technologies would foster cultural exchange"
1 Nov 2021
Bernardo de Vasconcelos, Director at John Dos Passos Cultural Centre in Madeira, talks about the benefits of sharing...
"It makes sense to join up with other attractions who share this history"
26 Oct 2021
Fanad Lighthouse is participating in the development of a VR experience based on the 1811 shipwreck of HMS Saldahna, in...
"I feel that until now certain aspects of local history has been eroded and forgotten"
18 Oct 2021
Don Mc Glinchey, retired Telecommunications Engineer, talks about the benefits from participating in TIDE.
"In many ways TIDE has made us think outside the box"
13 Oct 2021
Rosemarie Moulden, Inishowen Maritime Museum Manager (Donegal), talks about the TIDE activities in which she is...