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TIDE presented at Donegal Tourism's Seminar
1 Apr 2022
Project partners from Donegal County Council informed attendees about the TIDE outputs and future steps.
TIDE, a glimpse into the future of VR for cultural heritage
31 Mar 2022
What's on the horizon for virtual heritage? CLARTE shares new opportunities focusing on content...
"The TIDE project is a great opportunity to disseminate our rich submerged heritage"
9 Mar 2022
Raúl González Gallero, project stakeholder from Cadiz, states that, "it is important and enriching to share...
"We are better and stronger when we work together"
25 Jan 2022
The author of the TIDE toolkit explains its value in identifying local historical assets that can be developed into...
"Making known the rich heritage of our waters is a plus"
13 Jan 2022
TIDE stakeholders think that the exchange of experience process that the projects offers is "always positive".
Underwater Cultural Heritage as an Engine for Social, Economic & Cultural Development
3 Dec 2021
State of Research by Cadiz University: "virtual or indirect access solutions are very useful, but always through the...
"The possibility of making our naval history known, is exciting"
29 Nov 2021
"The use of new technologies, such as AR or VR, is a magnificent tool for raising awareness and environmental...
256 people From South America, Portugal and Spain learn about TIDE
10 Nov 2021
TIDE partners from Cadiz (Spain) organise the First Ibero-American Congress of Nautical and Underwater Archeology