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Experience World War 1 using Virtual Reality: would you be up to protecting a maritime convoy?
31 May 2021
TIDE project partners in Pays de la Loire will develop a tourist attraction using emerging technologies.
Travelling back to World War 1, Migration routes and Spanish Armada through a screen
24 May 2021
TIDE project partners from Portugal are working in three pilots that will use digital technologies to network...
Kite Balloons: armed trawlers and anti-submarine patrols
20 May 2021
Would you like to experience what it was like jumping into a kite balloon during World War 1? Donegal, Derry & Devon...
Virtual Reality to recover Derry and Strabane’s maritime history
18 May 2021
TIDE will use digital technologies to showcase Atlantic Migration’s influence in Northern Ireland.
Live streaming of a real shipwreck, underwater research and dry dive through Virtual Reality
10 May 2021
Virtually experience the impact of World Wars, Atlantic Emigration and Spanish Armada in Cadiz.
Virtual Reality to experience the ascent of a kite balloon and a virtual dive tour
3 May 2021
Tourists visiting Devon will have the opportunity to enjoy new sustainable tourism attractions related to World War 1...
The story behind the memorial by the cliffs in Santander
11 Mar 2021
Our partner from the Cantabrian Government shares a nice story that happened by the coast of Cantabria Region in Spain.
A virtual tour to celebrate an underwater archaeology incredible discovery
24 Feb 2021
It marks the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the Spanish Armada Wreck La Trinidad Valencera off the coast of...