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Derry launches immersive 'Island City' VR Experience
10 Aug 2023
Step into the immersive world of the VR journey, traversing the River Foyle's evolution.
Making maritime history accessible and promoting collaboration among experts with TIDE PLATFORM
17 Jul 2023
Introducing the TIDE PLATFORM: Facilitating maritime niche tourism and collaboration through the Atlantic
"From Madeira to Hawaii", a book that combines comic book art with augmented reality!
29 Jun 2023
TIDE project partner Tourism Board of Madeira launches its comic book, “From Madeira to Hawaii” in Madeira
Madeira Tourism Board launches a new comic book “FROM MADEIRA TO HAWAII”
2 Jun 2023
A unique reading experience featuring augmented reality technology and real-life episodes of Portuguese immigration to...
TIDE presents conclusions from VR experiences and the project platform
30 May 2023
Full house in Sligo. Experts across the Atlantic Area with niche maritime interests research history together using...
Explore Madeira's history with augmented reality tour of World War I
10 May 2023
New tourist experience takes visitors on a virtual journey through 3D digital reconstruction of impacted places by...
Exploring the Underwater Heritage of Cadiz: TIDE project showcased at key dissemination events
17 Apr 2023
TIDE project holds successful stakeholder meeting and outreach events to share results and raise awareness of cultural...
TIDE Project Brings Devon's Historical Sites to Life
13 Apr 2023
From Bolt Tail to Dartmouth Castle, and Topsham Museum to the TIDE Platform, discover the Rich Cultural Heritage of...