Virtual Reality Experiences

Don't miss the virtual reality experiences that are being launched by the TIDE project partners across the Atlantic Area!

Afloat and Ashore
Derry & Strabane - Derry City & Strabane District Council
This maritime virtual reality experience focuses on the migration theme. It recreates the 19th century Derry Quay, where visitors board a steamship and set sail for New York under authentic contemporary narration. Users will relive the incredible voyage from Derry to the USA in search of a better life.
Beware! Convoy Below!
Pays de la Loire - CLARTE
This virtual reality experience takes you back in time to the First World War era in the early 1900’s. TIDE Partners, Donegal County Council, Derry City and Strabane District Council, Devon County Council and CLARTE (experts in VR technology in Pays de la Loire, France) have got together to create an exciting VR experience which takes the ‘Lieutenant’ into a Kite Balloon which is part of a convoy of merchant ships coming from North America and heading for Lough Foyle!
The Storm, The Sea - The Saldanha
Donegal - Donegal County Council
One of the three virtual reality experiences launched in Donegal. ‘The Storm, The Sea – The Saldanha’, was inaugurated at Fanad Lighthouse, where in the Napoleonic era, HMS Saldanha & HMS Talbot took shelter during strong gales and heavy seas, both heading for Lough Swilly. 
Wrath of the Atlantic, Wrecks of the Armada
Donegal - Donegal County Council
This virtual reality experience takes you back in time to the Spanish Armada era dating back to the 16th Century. It focuses on two ships that entered Donegal’s waters: La Girona and La Trinidad Valencera. La Girona travelled into Killybegs Harbour to repair her rudders.